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Working Remotely During Quarantine? Tips and Tricks to be Productive

Working remotely is especially challenging in times when you are homebound with your kids and family. How to ace work from home in quarantine is not difficult for a lot of people in the bay area because we are so used to telecommuting. The difficult part is being physically isolated.  
In my decades of working off the cuff - at airport lounges, coffee shops in patchy internet times, hotel lobbies, other people's offices, on trans-Atlantic flights and other such sojourns across time zones, while on the go- I have picked up a few best practices. Here they are

1. Clarity of Priority
When working remotely, it is important to have access to the big picture of what you are working on and how it fits into the final product or deliverable you are a part of. Once, there is clarity on what is required of you, the other data you need to put into perspective is where you fit into the chain of delivery with your colleagues and of course, what are the timelines within which you have to deliver so …
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Is the US Tech Superiority at Risk ?

As Jeff Bezos said earlier this week, the tech race is not a sporting competition and there is no need to expect a fair fight. 

The fight for supremacy for the US in Space Tech is at risk today due to several other countries being able to innovate better and at a lower cost. 

If big tech in silicon valley decides that working with the US Government is slow, tedious and not efficient; there is a huge chance of the United States falling behind the world in innovation in Space and other critical technology areas where our country has led the world so far.

China had earlier announced the Chinese Space Race Manhattan Project which is based on Artificial Intelligence has is supposed to be already delivering results. 

Where Chinese organizations are scaling their AI initiatives; the US companies are at a pilot stage. Artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and quantum computing dominate the Govt mandates in India and China as the strategy for th…

70 Billion of Deals in a Day

Monday takeovers is what unleashed today in the global corporate markets. Big companies like Charles Schwab, LVMH, Novartis and Mitsubishi all snapped up rivals to extend their dominance in their sectors today.

This dealmaking boom is definitely an indication that there is a recession in the fear of a global slowdown in growth amongst the top executives in this sector.
The decisions by US and European central banks to cut interest rates have further made cheap credit available for borrowing.
Trade indices are soaring due to this flurry in the market.

How deepfakes threaten the veracity of everything

The President of Bongo had not been seen in months and the people grew suspicious of his death when a video of him delivering the New Year address was released. Instead of assuaging the rumors, the video of Bongo made him look fake.
The video was suspected to be a deepfake. Synthetic media altered with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Highly convincing Deepfake tech has led to speculation about how fake media influences political opinion.
Such technology now poses a threat to the veracity of documentation as evidence.
The ease with which AI can make the media look real is alarming. The barriers to creating deepfakes are low so calling into question the veracity of any kind of media no longer requires any sophisticated tech.
Subverting the trust in media is deeply dangerous especially in fragile political climates like in the United States.
These could also have a huge impact on law enforcement where videos are often used as evidence.
Tech giants like Google and Facebook are defini…


A company is successful only when the value for stakeholders is created.
Revenues and profits are not the only manner in which shareholder value is created. Maximization of shareholder value is a function of sound financial decision making.

The management team of a corporation should keenly create, measure and maximize shareholder value to meet the stakeholder expectations and maximize the growth of the company. 
The stakeholders in a corporation are also its employees, customers, suppliers, and communities it serves; therefore, altering the age-old perspective that companies exist only to maximize shareholder returns. The new shareholders in a company are now the stakeholders.
However, shareholder value  increases the Present Value of Business by a process called Shareholder Value Enhancement or Shareholder Value Augmentation (SVAg).
In other words, Shareholder Value Augmented (SVAg) addresses the change in value over the Forecast Period. Value Augmentation can happen only if the Investme…

Investing in undervalued companies- The Fundamentals

The best tutorial for "value investing " is perhaps most appropriately explained by my favorite cousin Vinny in a 1991 movie, Other People’s Money
Danny DeVito ( Cousin Vinny forever) explains the timeless concept of value investing & intrinsic value in less than 3 minutes.

In this clip, Garfield's computer, who he calls Carmen names New England Wire & Cable the fairest of all stocks.  

Garfield, Coles, and Jorgenson discuss the value of a company, New England Wire & Cable Company.  $30 million of equipment, $10 million in land, $60 million from ‘boring but profitable companies’ in non-Wire and Cable divisions and $25 million in working capital.
Garfield rounds the total down to $100 million (attributed $25 million shaved off due to Carmen's PMS)  and divides by 4 million shares of common stock to obtain a value of $25 per share. However, 3 weeks ago the share was trading at $10. This means that NEWC’s stock is selling at a bargain price relative to their f…

The Kashmiri Articles of Trust died a long time ago

My most childhood memories of Kashmir are of a beautiful azure sky, snow-capped Himalayas, climbing trees in fruit orchards, lush green valleys, sweet water springs, and Popular tree-lined avenues.

Kashmir was about walking down Chinar ( maple) laden roads in fall, dragging my feet to carry as many as possible in my stride. It was about making snowmen when we got buried feet deep in powder for months with no electricity, heating our frozen hands over a warm wood Bukhari ( a wood-burning stove) and mouth-watering Kashmiri food. It was also about a strange unexplained fear of the unknown. The surface was warm. We lived in deeply divided undercurrents. The divide was deep, yet the fissures were shielded in the sweet coat of “Kashmiriyat”. Kashmiriyat is the name given to the cultural values of Kashmir. When the subcontinent was divided by the British on the basis of religion, Jammu and Kashmir decided to be an independent country. The social consciousness of the common Kashmiri is to pre…