Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Are we approaching Dot Com Bubble II ?

When Groupon refused Google buyout at 6 Billion, I thought it was a bad idea for Groupon. I mean what more can a discount coupon assimilating business ask for? They got VC funding the next month and I was shocked to read Tech Crunch putting a 8 Billion tag on Groupon. Two weeks or so later, New York times reported Groupon to be talking to bankers for a 15 Billion Value IPO and then Bloomberg reported a 25 Billion IPO for Groupon. How does this work? Social Network companies are actually being listed at 100 times and plus of their revenue. Social, cloud, internet businesses are low cost startup models. Looking at the list of participating companies at TIECON this year, its not surprising how many start ups are mushrooming in this space. VCs are reporting higher funding being disbursed since the start of 2011. Where are the returns coming from? Not from the space thats growing at a faster pace than the rest. Its apparently coming from cleantech and life sciences. So whats driving these valuations for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Zynga, Foursquare? Just the fact that instead of being just forerunners in the space, they are  the hyped exceptions to the rule of half a billion dollar funding burnout startups all over the valley.