Are you a meaning-making machine ?

A resolution again

And this time I intend to stick to it. To write. About life, business, places, ideas, innovation, trends and whatever else catches my fancy.
Am at the W Fort Lauderdale, a beautiful spring morning in Florida. Every time I look out into the Atlantic Ocean, from the shores to the horizon, I have this feeling of immense possibilities and how there is so much more to be achieved than yesterday, so much more to know, so much more to assimilate and absorb. I am humbled.

On innovation, you could take a leaf out of the W books. Every W I have stayed in so far is a statement in its own right! Challenge the norm. Execute it to its concept.
So what is more important - the idea or the execution? Can both be of the same importance to a business? What is a good execution of a bad idea and what is a good idea without its execution? More later