India on a Cloud!!

Where most technologies in the past making their way into India have already been chewed and digested in other parts of the world. Surprise , Surprise; Cloud is already here. And creating a hotbed of innovation. Published statistics report that Cloud computing vendors across the globe are eyeing India as a strategical place for cloud computing deployments. Where in world you will get a billion population and mostly in young ages willing to try out the latest technologies? According to an industry report, the total market of cloud computing in India stands at US$ 110 million today and is expected to reach a figure of about US$ 1,084 million by 2015. As components of the overall cloud market, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) in India is likely to reach a mark of US$ 650 million by 2015, while Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) markets cumulatively would touch 434 million each by then. The domestic market for SaaS is estimated to be about US$ 66 million and is currently dominated by Collaborative Applications, CRM, ERP & Email workloads. India being the world's fastest growing mobile market with over 20 million subscribers added every month and the money that companies have invested for 3G services showcases the belief the large telecom providers have on data services in the Indian market.Over 500 million people from the middle class in India, and the products and services consumed by them are relevant to other emerging markets as well. Whats more there is very less fear of trying new models of technology deployment. Leading to adoption, innovation and adoption!!

Opportunity creates Enterprise

Nothing excites me more today than the fact that the startup I'd been following for quite a few months now received a funding that values their enterprise at a whopping 1 Billion US.
What an inspiration! No better example of the fact that opportunity lies in every gap of service or need that we find around us. Entrepreneurship is in realization of a gap and looking at fulfilling the gap as an opportunity. It could be a gap in consistent service quality, it could be a gap in skills required to perform a service or a product that may create a bridge between what has been invented and what has yet to be conceived. Innovation is a constant. If it is not, then enterprise dies. Tap into the trend of a recession ridden world economy. Recognize the gaps that can create microneupers out of you.Do what others are doing. But only more differently. Who says recession can kill an economy. I believe recession revives the economy. Here comes the next wave of  innovating entrepreneurs.

What does it take to run the show?

Reading Bob Lutz's Car Guys vs Bean Counters last night. He argues that the downfall of GM started when the MBA Finance guys replaced Engineers and Designers in the company. He believes that CEOs and the top management should not be bean counters but rather should be a "product guys." When I started my first job as a legal intern in ITC group, my boss Mr R would spend hours training me to evaluate all aspects of their business legally.  So much so that, it became a natural extension of my personality to research precedence, cause and effect, analyse and then categorize. I realised the value of my extenusive personality modulation through my first entrepreneurial venture. I realised my training had made me so detail oriented that the semantics of execution were sometimes lost in translation. 
I had to retrain myself to be a master of no trade and a generalist manager who could look at a situation and know the best manner to execute it. I  owe a lot of that remodelling to the software education I had embarked upon to complement my business education through university. System Analysis and Design changed my Life. So a lot of what I became was education and experience and sometimes I am grateful for the diversity I undertook since it made me more trained than what a specialist could ever be.   BUT Lou Gerstner did not know anything about computers when he brought IBM back from the near dead and Allan Mulally had no background in automobiles when he took over Ford. So is it more than education and experience that makes a person a successful executioner? How should CEO's be selected in that case?

Social Media and Your Business

A few weeks ago, at a technology conference, a question that one of the panelists was asked was if his business used social media as a marketing platform effectively. Most businesses were more in favour of a linked in social media platform for business rather than a facebook. Has Facebook diluted its use for business by rolling itself out  as an informal platform ?
There is so much cynicism with corporations about use of social media  that it is a fairly well derived conclusion that it may not be worth their time to utilize the platforms. However, it cannot be wished away that more than a billion users used facebook and twitter. Can the corporations not create an audience out of these users? Can there be no brilliant marketing ideas on how to monetize this audience? Just like corporations have learnt to monetize other marketing tools. Marketeers have learnt to monetize everything from the phone to television to print to online digital marketing, what is preventing them to take social media marketing seriously? Is it that no one has yet figured out how to make money out of social? Corporation  facebook pages just getting liked by people with really no addition to the organization top line is becoming a huge impediment in adoption of social media as a serious tool. This is perhaps where social will need to evolve itself into.



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