Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Opportunity creates Enterprise

Nothing excites me more today than the fact that the startup I'd been following for quite a few months now received a funding that values their enterprise at a whopping 1 Billion US.
What an inspiration! No better example of the fact that opportunity lies in every gap of service or need that we find around us. Entrepreneurship is in realization of a gap and looking at fulfilling the gap as an opportunity. It could be a gap in consistent service quality, it could be a gap in skills required to perform a service or a product that may create a bridge between what has been invented and what has yet to be conceived. Innovation is a constant. If it is not, then enterprise dies. Tap into the trend of a recession ridden world economy. Recognize the gaps that can create microneupers out of you.Do what others are doing. But only more differently. Who says recession can kill an economy. I believe recession revives the economy. Here comes the next wave of  innovating entrepreneurs.