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Social Media and Your Business

A few weeks ago, at a technology conference, a question that one of the panelists was asked was if his business used social media as a marketing platform effectively. Most businesses were more in favour of a linked in social media platform for business rather than a facebook. Has Facebook diluted its use for business by rolling itself out  as an informal platform ?
There is so much cynicism with corporations about use of social media  that it is a fairly well derived conclusion that it may not be worth their time to utilize the platforms. However, it cannot be wished away that more than a billion users used facebook and twitter. Can the corporations not create an audience out of these users? Can there be no brilliant marketing ideas on how to monetize this audience? Just like corporations have learnt to monetize other marketing tools. Marketeers have learnt to monetize everything from the phone to television to print to online digital marketing, what is preventing them to take social media marketing seriously? Is it that no one has yet figured out how to make money out of social? Corporation  facebook pages just getting liked by people with really no addition to the organization top line is becoming a huge impediment in adoption of social media as a serious tool. This is perhaps where social will need to evolve itself into.