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Adieu Steve Jobs. You paved the way!

Perhaps one of the saddest moments of my life. Steve Jobs was more than just a figure to look up to. He was an exemplary non-conformist and all it takes to challenge the norm just starts there. Born of an American mother and a Syrian father, he was bought up by his adopted parents. Apple was 90 days from going bankrupt when he joined them. He built the Mac and then could'nt sustain the sales; nor the team - mostly because of his temperamental nature. After a failed board coup initiated by Jobs in mid-1985,  John Sculley, his CEO announced he and the directors had agreed on a new org chart for Apple, in which Steve had no managerial duties whatsoever. He was only to remain chairman of the board.Steve was stunned. Apple was his life, and he was kicked out of it. He started traveling around looking for new ways to spend his energy. It was actually in that second half of 1985 that he was introduced to a small team of brilliant computer graphics experts that George Lucas was trying to …

Googrola! on a Roll?

Google enters the big, bad,  thankless, low margin world of  manufacturing. And they pay a 12.5 Billion in cash for it!. Over the last few days, analysts, bloggers, industry subscribers, anyone who has an opinion has looked at every aspect of this acquisition; whether to shake their heads at the incredulity of the proposition or disbelief, only to come back to the question that begs all analysis. How will the Android market behave now? The factors effecting this behaviour will be manifold. However, an analysis of Google's decision is pertinent to go into any further analysis of the ramifications of this deal.
Google made an important decision. The impact of this buyout, ( however small in comparison to the At&T's acquisition of T- Mobile) is perhaps going to determine the way companies do business over the next few years. Motorala, apart from holding 29% of Android market, also holds around 17000 patents in its name. Enough to fight back the Microsoft, Oracle and Apple suit…

Good Investments are Profitable Investments

Whats that got to do with earnings? Asked Groupon and many many little wannabe groupons in a myriad of investment opportunities plaguing the marketplace today. The maxim that businesses should become profitable  before they attain a certain size seems to be the measure of the valuation game.
So the VC on the block today are
a.looking for profitable ventures at early stages
b.looking for businesses that have kept their early costs low. So they  are profitable earlier
c. do not need a lot of financing to make it profitable

However, how many over hyped ventures across the startuposphere have viable business ideas? Unfortunately, valuation today is occurring on the basis of subscriber base for most the over marketed names.
So what is primarily happening is a roll over of hype based value and the sale to the largest fool who cares to pump millions into large databases of bored customers who are over patronized to be dumb enough to like the same thing till  they land their heads on the rock…

New Day of my Life

Today is a new day in  my life. Over the last few days, all the things that normally created demands and pressures in my life, now look pleasurable challenges instead of stress and frustration. So what changed? I kept a date with my destiny that I had been postponing for many years. Quality time spent with Spiritual Guru and my brother Arun Wakhlu. Not only have I achieved a new sense of self, but I have also rejuvenated myself to be an infinite human being safe from self- limiting beliefs. I learnt that as human beings what prevents us from achieving our self in its entirety, are self conceived notions about what our lives and its priorities are. I learnt to differentiate myself and my spiritual energy from the roles that I need to play in my daily dance of life and I learnt to accept the eventuality of my choices with grace. I learnt the process of cleansing myself from the past and the future and train how to live in "NOW". And most importantly I learnt to accept others t…

Ten to Three?

While the over optimistic Indian Government and officials have been blaring off roof tops about the ever shining India, you and I - and the common man; is silently wondering if they are living inside a figment of their own imagination. So bipolar is the situation that, marketing does not seem to meet the packaging requirements; and input does not create the output expected. Such is the world's tenth largest economy; soon to be ( projected) the third largest economy of the world.
I have never seen my opinion about the viability of this idea, oscillate, as it does now. And every day I experience the struggle to keep the hope floating on the surface. Hope that someone somewhere realizes the potential risk of a poorly executed , chaotic strategy of keeping the country moving forward.
As I said in an earlier post, another does of economic and policy reform is a must at  this stage if we have to project to the world an India that reposes the confidence of a long term player in the world…

Epic Fail?

We are taught to learn from experiences and then penalized for failure. Is'nt it the rule to stumble, fall, pick up our boots and march on? Yet, those who wear failure as a badge of honor, however spectacular they might have grown and fallen; find it difficult  not to be penalized despite their pluck and persistence. 
Do entrepreneurs, in their zeal and passion, forget to learn from mistakes? OD'ing on positivism, this seems to be generally a trait with serial entrepreneurs.Those passionate about their innovative business ideas, to have a tendency to under assess  the risks associated with a business idea. Is this because entrepreneurs are deeply emotionally tied to their ventures? So much so that  their passion makes them oversee the apparent risks? Does this imply that an entrepreneur who is emotionally and passionately possessed with his project, may run the risk of not being able to learn from mistakes ? Studies show that this is generally the case.  Ability to recover, rec…

Nasty people in your Life !

I just got a call from an old colleague about the problems he is facing adjusting in his new work environment at the corporation he just joined in the Middle East. Resistance, Change Management are some of the issues everyone faces when they join a new environment at work. Another reason that most people feel unsettled and need to make an effort is because of the baggage that people normally carry from one work space to another. Processes, expectations, workflows, culture of organizations have such deep rooted impact on the process of adjusting to another work culture and environment that at times , it can become an inhibitory aspect of a move. And then there are the "nasty " people.   Usually people are mean and nasty because:

they want things their waythey don’t feel good about themselvesthey have low self - esteem and it makes them feel in control when they can hurt you with their actions and words.
If you are disturbed by nasty people around you , you are spending too much…

Did the economic liberalization pay off for India?

I was in a very interesting meeting recently with the CEO of the worlds largest medical devices company visiting India after a gap of 5 years. The first thing he asked me was how despite the growth, there seemed no improvement in public infrastructure and city development. A very herculean task, yet this is a question, the answer to which, we need to be able to not only field, but satisfactorily eliminate. Remember the then Finance Minister MMS, announcing policies of economic liberalization on TV. I was so young that apart from a feeling of apprehension at the sound of such a complicated word, manifest with possibilities, there was nothing else I could think could happen, to drastically change the insipid economy of the times we were born into. Interestingly, decades later, I read an early morning  Business Standard  where Analysts were calling for another round of liberalization of the Indian economy. Economic reforms to liberalize "sectors like education, agriculture, health c…