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Adieu Steve Jobs. You paved the way!

Perhaps one of the saddest moments of my life. Steve Jobs was more than just a figure to look up to. He was an exemplary non-conformist and all it takes to challenge the norm just starts there. Born of an American mother and a Syrian father, he was bought up by his adopted parents. Apple was 90 days from going bankrupt when he joined them. He built the Mac and then could'nt sustain the sales; nor the team - mostly because of his temperamental nature. After a failed board coup initiated by Jobs in mid-1985,  John Sculley, his CEO announced he and the directors had agreed on a new org chart for Apple, in which Steve had no managerial duties whatsoever. He was only to remain chairman of the board.Steve was stunned. Apple was his life, and he was kicked out of it. He started traveling around looking for new ways to spend his energy. It was actually in that second half of 1985 that he was introduced to a small team of brilliant computer graphics experts that George Lucas was trying to sell. They all shared a common dream of making animated movies with computers. Steve was interested and he eventually bought the company for $10 million in 1986, incorporating it as Pixar.Pixar only hit gold with Toy Story and Steve Jobs, who owned 80% of the company he put on the stock market; was a billionaire in no time. 
In 1996, Apple's newly appointed CEO, Gil Amelio, was looking for new software to replace the old and bloated Mac OS. He eventually chose Steve’s NEXTSTEP( the company he formed after he was kicked out of Apple). Apple paid $400 million to acquire NeXT, and Steve was back to the company that had thrown him out a decade earlier. His official title was that of “informal adviser to the CEO". When Amelio announced Apple’s losses of $700 million for the first quarter of 1997, the board decided to get rid of him. Steve Jobs organized a board coup and was named interim CEO of Apple in July 1997. He immediately started an extensive review of the whole company, cutting the number of projects from hundreds to a dozen. The number of hardware products would be cut down to just four. He also made a shocking announcement at Macworld Boston in August: Apple would be teaming up with its arch-rival Microsoft, in a deal that would put an end to interminable patent disputes.Steve Jobs led Apple to profitability in 6 months. Disruptive innovation with ipod, the MAC and then the ipad; no one else could've done what Steve Jobs did! Hats off to the greatest innovator of   our times. And here's a link to celebrate the man who made our lives interesting!  Top 10 Unforgettable Steve Jobs Videos. You made History!