Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Epic Fail?

We are taught to learn from experiences and then penalized for failure. Is'nt it the rule to stumble, fall, pick up our boots and march on? Yet, those who wear failure as a badge of honor, however spectacular they might have grown and fallen; find it difficult  not to be penalized despite their pluck and persistence. 
Do entrepreneurs, in their zeal and passion, forget to learn from mistakes? OD'ing on positivism, this seems to be generally a trait with serial entrepreneurs.Those passionate about their innovative business ideas, to have a tendency to under assess  the risks associated with a business idea. Is this because entrepreneurs are deeply emotionally tied to their ventures? So much so that  their passion makes them oversee the apparent risks? Does this imply that an entrepreneur who is emotionally and passionately possessed with his project, may run the risk of not being able to learn from mistakes ? Studies show that this is generally the case.  Ability to recover, recognize, learn and get back on course is perhaps the only way you can keep your entrepreneurial spirit high and still go ahead and  make new mistakes without fearing a fall.