Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Nasty people in your Life !

I just got a call from an old colleague about the problems he is facing adjusting in his new work environment at the corporation he just joined in the Middle East. Resistance, Change Management are some of the issues everyone faces when they join a new environment at work. Another reason that most people feel unsettled and need to make an effort is because of the baggage that people normally carry from one work space to another. Processes, expectations, workflows, culture of organizations have such deep rooted impact on the process of adjusting to another work culture and environment that at times , it can become an inhibitory aspect of a move. And then there are the "nasty " people.   Usually people are mean and nasty because:

  1. they want things their way
  2. they don’t feel good about themselves
  3. they have low self - esteem and it makes them feel in control when they can hurt you with their actions and words.

If you are disturbed by nasty people around you , you are spending too much time and energy trying to find the reason for other people’s nasty behaviors. Take time to learn the best way to deal with different attitudes to retain your focus on being positive in life. Do not allow other people’s nasty attitudes get you down. And, do not allow people with difficult attitudes to keep you down.  Stay focused on the big picture while you are trying to work around people's behaviors. Its got nothing to do with you. And everything to do with them!