Are you a meaning-making machine ?

New Day of my Life

Today is a new day in  my life. Over the last few days, all the things that normally created demands and pressures in my life, now look pleasurable challenges instead of stress and frustration. So what changed? I kept a date with my destiny that I had been postponing for many years. Quality time spent with Spiritual Guru and my brother Arun Wakhlu. Not only have I achieved a new sense of self, but I have also rejuvenated myself to be an infinite human being safe from self- limiting beliefs. I learnt that as human beings what prevents us from achieving our self in its entirety, are self conceived notions about what our lives and its priorities are. I learnt to differentiate myself and my spiritual energy from the roles that I need to play in my daily dance of life and I learnt to accept the eventuality of my choices with grace. I learnt the process of cleansing myself from the past and the future and train how to live in "NOW". And most importantly I learnt to accept others the way they are, because I am the way I am. It has been such a life changing experience that I know I will spend some more time applying all my experiences in my daily life everyday as I use the training to practice over the coming days of my life. One thing I will not need to practice is the fact that I will always feel gratitude towards my wonderful, beautiful family, my brothers, my sisters and my friends, who have always , by being who they are, taught me humility and gratitude for what I have and what they give me. So, here come the new concepts in leadership and management change. From the heart.