Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Ten to Three?

While the over optimistic Indian Government and officials have been blaring off roof tops about the ever shining India, you and I - and the common man; is silently wondering if they are living inside a figment of their own imagination. So bipolar is the situation that, marketing does not seem to meet the packaging requirements; and input does not create the output expected. Such is the world's tenth largest economy; soon to be ( projected) the third largest economy of the world.
I have never seen my opinion about the viability of this idea, oscillate, as it does now. And every day I experience the struggle to keep the hope floating on the surface. Hope that someone somewhere realizes the potential risk of a poorly executed , chaotic strategy of keeping the country moving forward.
As I said in an earlier post, another does of economic and policy reform is a must at  this stage if we have to project to the world an India that reposes the confidence of a long term player in the world economic arena.