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Lessons from Kashmir

Being a fiercely proud kashmiri, I have in my moments of passion for my place of birth, been so emotional that I have evaded objectivity.At times, when I look back and assess those throes of inexplicable passion, I see a whirlpool of identity based swirls of emotion, which has been challenged, reinforced and re-instituted over the period of the past 20 years into a definitive character that has become me.
In our times of a flat world, seamless economies and open geographies, reinforcement of identity by people like us, is perhaps a complex twist to the entire paradigm of being us.
Its been a peaceful, beautiful summer here. Away from the bustling economies of the world, lies this sleepy willow, which may become the contender of the hot political moot point of south asian politics and by virtue of that honor; the economy. And yet, there is the absolute sense of prejudice towards inclusiveness towards the rest of the world that haunts the psyche of the people - almost to the extent of creating an isolation in existence.
Between the balance needed to integrate our worlds; the most important aspect is that of identity. It is the same conflict that arises when employees join organizations and have to align themselves to the culture of the new organization, while carrying the baggage of the old. The attempt in their top most level of consciousness is  that of change, yet the metrics of change management at times fails to work in the realistic sense when the attempt to adjust becomes a task of a gargantuan proportion and sometimes a factor hindering continuation of effort.
Welcoming and adapting to change in our lives, sometimes, if not an adjustment seen favorable, may end up being a hindrance in our growth and evolution. Nothing is permanent. In its transience , time only tells us that change is pertinent and so you will change and you will evolve. Its what you do with this evolution what determines the quality of your life. I made an attempt to visit a dilapidated temple this last week.

Is this the start of an education for an atheist or just a deeper journey into agnosticism? I dont know. For now, Im accepting all thats coming my way without questioning it. Maybe thats the start of acceptance of transience. Its a beautiful sunny day.

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