Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Software, Services and Servers?

I see the propriety of appointing Meg Whitman as the CEO of HP. She understands applications and she knows how to work the web. The question is - Will PSG survive Meg? At a time when the market is moving away from the traditional tenets of software, hardware and services; it will be interesting to see how Meg brings in methods to innovate in the space where all the action is happening- cloud services, business intelligence and mobility. 

With its focus on hardware over the period of time, HP seems to have missed the boat that most successful technology stories are happily riding on. And today, as the investors and shareholders wave the wake - up flag to HP board; it is going to a gargantuan task identifying what businesses will work for HP in the years to come that market will lap up. Focus on more trends of consumerism and a clear direction on the role that HP sees itself play in the technology ecosystem of the future may perhaps determine what stays and what not. However, what definitely should go; is the layers of confusion and hyper process orientation that has killed the flexibility that an organization needs to be agile and adaptable to changes in its environment. The reason why big companies stop evolving after they hyperprocess themselves.