Are you a meaning-making machine ?

You are my Friend

You are the reason for my strength. For when I was down and out, you punched me in my face with the reality of survival and sent me back to fight. For when I was silly and emotional, you wiped my tears and handed me a torch to go out and make my victory lap. For when I hid behind the wall, you pulled me out and handed me the gloves to close the fight. For times when you sat underneath that tree on a hot summer day worried when I was late for class. For all the meals shared. For all the coffees split. For all the times I slept while you read for my exams. For all the times, I messed up and you cleaned. For times when you told me accept defeat gracefully. And then pushed me to go back in. For times when you told me the way it was and then stood by me even when I was wrong. For the tears you shed for me, when no one else cared. For picking me up when I was down and out and making me go put up a fight. For every smile you made me smile. For every moment you placed me more important in your life than even yourself. For every shout of joy when I won a victory. For every strain of reason to give me hope. For every time you drove me to fight for myself and win. For teaching me to overcome all negativity. For being there for me. Though thick and thin. You are. The reason for my strength.