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Ideas and Opportunities

Most ideas are not opportunities. And most opportunities are ideas that may not be unique. But you don't need a unique idea to make the opportunity work. A good idea is nothing but a great starting point. Someone told me the other day, ideas are like commodities. 

How true is that? Ideas are driven by your perception, Opportunities are driven by a gap in the ecosystem around you. The economics of the opportunity has to make sense. 

Whether it is aligned with the entrepreneur's  personal interest and skill set is a very subjective discussion. Skill set is a subset of knowledge and training.  The success of the entrepreneur in filling in the gap in the market is also subject to the timing and intensity of the offering. 

These are basic premises. However not a diktat. I have seen stranger reasons for a business or an idea to click into a given opportunity.
How about selling thermodynamic stones that keep your coffee at a certain temperature? Or a font designed for people with dyslexi…

Ideas Anyone?

Everyday I get approached by entrepreneurs with ideas. Old and New. Some fantastic, some fantastical. Most entrepreneurs think that their idea is novel and not been thought before. Most fail to recognize the same old models without being able to differentiate. Very few think disruptive. The reality is that one idea is as good as another; if viable. Google was not the first search engine. And facebook was not the first social platform.

If you just take these two instances of entrepreneurial success, the underlying factor remains the execution of that idea. These companies survive and sustain because of the execution of these ideas, their evolution in creating a innovative curve in their space and the disruption that they cause in filling the gaps in our daily lives.

7 out of 10 entrepreneurs who approach me for counselling, have an idea in a non viable form. 9 out of 10 have embarked on a business that they do not understand viability or success factors about. 6 out of 10 do not have t…

Entrepreneurs Ahoy!

The only common thread that weaves all aspiring entrepreneurs together is a dire need to own their own time. The only fear that holds them back is the fear of failure. However, the spirit of romanticism associated with entrepreneurship is so overwhelming that the fear of failure is perhaps a small dynamic associated with the entrepreneurship equation.

Having worked with entrepreneurs across continents and cultures, my experience is varied. However, the reality is such that most ideas instead of competing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of just a geographical location are businesses that should organically compete with a globally interwoven ecosphere to measure their adaptability in a globally connected economy of the world. 
Entrepreneurs across geographical locations, invariably aspire to repeat local successes.   This reflects in their business models, commercial models and pattern of ideas.  The entrepreneurial infrastructure of a geography seems to determine the evolution of busi…

Cyber Security is a fascinating realm. It starts with YOU

Did you know how hard the dedicated teams out there are working to infect your systems with malware? 
I had no idea! Two days into a Cyber security evaluation at a conference and I wish I had nothing online anymore. Apparently security software can't always protect you; sometimes the best defense is a dose of common sense and a little bit of knowledge about what to watch out for. Whether it's fake antivirus scams, malware on social networks, or good old-fashioned e-mail attachments loaded with viruses, it pays to be on your toes so you don't end up becoming a victim to identity theft, a raided bank account, or even a home invasion.
As for where to find it, apparently you have to start with your smart phone and the mobile apps you love downloading so frequently.  More than 50 third-party applications on Google's official Android Market contained a Trojan called DroidDream. When you run a DroidDream application for the first time, the malware gains administrator access over…