Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Entrepreneurs Ahoy!

The only common thread that weaves all aspiring entrepreneurs together is a dire need to own their own time. The only fear that holds them back is the fear of failure. However, the spirit of romanticism associated with entrepreneurship is so overwhelming that the fear of failure is perhaps a small dynamic associated with the entrepreneurship equation.

Having worked with entrepreneurs across continents and cultures, my experience is varied. However, the reality is such that most ideas instead of competing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of just a geographical location are businesses that should organically compete with a globally interwoven ecosphere to measure their adaptability in a globally connected economy of the world. 

Entrepreneurs across geographical locations, invariably aspire to repeat local successes.  
This reflects in their business models, commercial models and pattern of ideas. 
The entrepreneurial infrastructure of a geography seems to determine the evolution of business acumen to a greater extent. 

However, whereas the North American entrepreneurs seem to be more dependent on entrepreneurial infrastructure to support their businesses, entrepreneurs in Asia and Middle East seem more pre-disposed to devise innovative business models to work around entrepreneurial infrastructure gaps.  

The most important considerations  however work in tandem. Are you right for entrepreneurship ? And is Entrepreneurship right for you?

Either ways, the risks associated with your idea in business, often are lesser considerations in the event of the romanticism associated with entrepreneurship. So what should an entrepreneurial person identify in the process to evaluate his/ her capabilities?
When entrepreneurs approach their business idea, it should not be at a stage way into the process when they evaluate their skills, strengths, aptitude and personal circumstances consistent with running their business. Just passion is not enough to carry a venture through. This is my advice to most entrepreneurs who approach me with their business ideas. Opportunity assessment is as important as skill assessment. However, commitment and focus; though most essential are only subservient to viability and process.
Thus, starts my series in entrepreneurship across domains.