Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Ideas and Opportunities

Most ideas are not opportunities. And most opportunities are ideas that may not be unique. But you don't need a unique idea to make the opportunity work. A good idea is nothing but a great starting point. Someone told me the other day, ideas are like commodities. 

How true is that? Ideas are driven by your perception, Opportunities are driven by a gap in the ecosystem around you. The economics of the opportunity has to make sense. 

Whether it is aligned with the entrepreneur's  personal interest and skill set is a very subjective discussion. Skill set is a subset of knowledge and training.  The success of the entrepreneur in filling in the gap in the market is also subject to the timing and intensity of the offering. 

These are basic premises. However not a diktat. I have seen stranger reasons for a business or an idea to click into a given opportunity. 
How about selling thermodynamic stones that keep your coffee at a certain temperature? Or a font designed for people with dyslexia. Or an application on your phone that enable you to detect potholes on a road you are driving on and then send the data to the authorities who can fix these?

The opportunity discovery and the opportunity recognition process should be a highly economics based exercise. Opportunity discovery and recognition needs to be seen by an entrepreneur in the light of profit vs non profit viability. 

There comes a question of a nonviable opportunity then. A nonviable opportunity is no opportunity. It is just an idea.