Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Here comes 2012

New Beginnings. Are just a state of your mind. Tomorrow will be just as long, short, interesting, uninteresting, busy or lazy as another day. Yet, hope of a new day, faith in a better time and a human persistence for anticipation makes its way into a celebration every 365 days.

If we were to bring the same hope, faith and sense of achievement into each next moment; time and space work their way around your ambition. You don't need a new year's day to resolve to be a better person, work on a better relationship with your friends or family, to stop addictions, to become healthy or to create a list of rules. You just need a decision and you need the will power to stick to your decision. Today. Now and every moment. New Year day or not.

Make each moment rich. Create happiness for yourself and those around you each moment. Not a moment in the future and not dependent on an event. It doesn't matter if its not now. Go to bed every night, satisfied in your conscience, that you did something worthwhile now. In this moment.

There is no end and there is no beginning just because a date changed. Every moment in between the changed dates is a lost opportunity.

There are no new beginnings. For there has been no end. It is just a change of a number.