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The Business Model

Thank you for your mails and comments. And apologize to those who complained that they were missing the updates. I was settling into a new schedule, hence the gap.

As I work my own schedule through, I thought it would be interested in what I've been immersed in doing in the last fortnight. Very interestingly, its just up the alley for the entrepreneur series of this blog. You guessed it. Business Model Generation.

Perhaps the most thrown around phrase in the strategic management aisles. It is basically the method by which you determine the economic viability of the business; whether it creates a sustainable model or whether it's mission is to create money.

Let us elucidate some basic elements of what make business model a sound proposition.

a. Does your business model address a gap in the market? The gap may be a gaping requirement or a small simple process that increases the efficiency and ease with with a user conducts his life or business; as long as the gap is addressed in…

IBM Watson: The Next Grand Challenge - YouTube

In 2011, IBM's Watson is supposed to compete on an actual show of Jeopardy! It will be interesting to see how the technology advances of “Open Question Answering” work not only in the areas of answering game show hosts… but how this type of advancement in natural language in computer databases can work to improve the way those of us conduct what we call “search” today.
IBM Watson: The Next Grand Challenge - YouTube:

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