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UMass Amherst, Harvard experts say better systems needed for medical device cybersecurity | Science Codex

"Medical devices do a tremendous amount of good every day for many millions of people," says Daniel Chenok, chair of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology's information security and privacy advisory board and vice president for technology strategy at IBM Global Business Services. He adds that the government needs to take steps to ensure that cybersecurity concerns don't make consumers think twice about whether a device is safe.

Earlier this year, Chenok wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius that "lack of reported incidents also results from a lack of effective reporting mechanisms from clinical settings to the government about cybersecurity threats in medical devices." The point, he adds, is that "we really don't know what this cybersecurity problem looks like. What's the size of the issue, and how should the government best tackle it?"
UMass Amherst, Harvard experts say better systems needed…

Someone is profiling you as you surf the internet- How private is the click you just made?

Profiling is a humongous privacy issue especially when data-matching connects the profile of an individual with personally-identifiable statistics of the individual. Digital consumer intelligence is transforming the way companies design, market and manufacture their products and services (Febreze from P&G being the biggest instance of a product based on customer profiling). There is a multitude of wrapper applications which redirect cookies and cache data to other locations. The process of profiling (also known as "tracking") accumulates and analyzes browsing habits, each attributable to a single initiating entity, in order to gain statistics (arrays of activity) involving the initiating entity. Some organizations participate in the profiling of user’s web browsing and collecting the URLs of sites visited for profiling their preferences. The consequential profiles can hypothetically link with data that personally classifies the individual who did the browsing, thus being…

Social Networks and Privacy

Social media is always a concern that is very poorly understood and executed by Organizations. The integration of social media with their marketing strategies by businesses and other organizations is going to continue to raise new privacy concerns. For instance, hospitals and physicians and other groups are promoting the use of social networking sites by physicians to help their patients. One of the companies who sell hospital systems had an authentication system linked to Facebook to provide access to the patient care system. This could be a disaster to manage if any of the users are not able to manage their personal privacy settings which are always a user purgative for a social networking site.  Most social networks have good search capabilities which people use to find their friends or activities, information they might be interested in. This is a double edged sword. It is pertinent to be aware of privacy settings, especially when messages travel between different social networks (…

How Private is your data? How is it used and propagated?

Privacy and data protection have become extremely important topics in the internet domain in the last few years. This has primarily been due to the fact that customer information stored and used has led to concerns about the a.Manner in which this information is collectedb.Manner in which this information is analyzed to predict profiling and trendsc.Multiple fallouts of the propagation of private data across internet for use by corporations, governments and internet organizations.d.Unprecedented evolution of technology and its usage in our environmente.Incapacity of the Legal framework to keep up with and understand the technological advances

The year 2011 was a turning point for issues involving storage, repurposing, usage and propagation of information collected from the users of the internet. Information Security, privacy and compliance have become important issues for Governments, Corporations and individuals. 2011 saw companies like Facebook and Google battling over issues surroun…

Eating into your own channel? | Reseller Middle East

Global technology corporations have seen share prices slump, salaries frozen, profits plummeting, downsizing of workforce, investment slashed and IPO’s abandoned. Most global vendors demonstrated predictable behavior. They slashed expenditure, cut discretionary spending, lay off staff and consolidated their regional coverage.

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Eating into your own channel? | Reseller Middle East:

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