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The ICT Economy

At the side tables of a conference in the Silicon Valley, the discussion is bordering on the proliferation of new technologies in the daily lives of the people who make technology happen. Little do they know how the innovation led by these very people is creating technology adoption for the policy makers and business leaders the world over. There is a stark choice between the old road and the new. And should the new road be trodden, the clear choice to make will have to be crossing the technology threshold. As we welcomed another Gitex event in the region, the most apparent revelation was the extent to which economic progress of the countries in our region will depend on the adoption and propagation of ICT. In a world where more people have access to mobile phones than to basic essentials like electricity; the government policy makers the world over, have started looking at ICT as primary GDP driver of their countries. Data reflects that countries that have adopted greater ICT in the…

Apple Unveils The Fourth Generation iPad With A6X, Lightning And Expanded LTE | TechCrunch

The A6X According to Apple, nothing else was updated, but internal components may have been improved to reduce cost. The Lightning port is a good addition for iPhone 5 customers who are going to buy an iPad before the holidays. It will help Apple simplify the product line for accessories and reduce costs related to the supply chain.
Apple Unveils The Fourth Generation iPad With A6X, Lightning And Expanded LTE | TechCrunch:

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