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Fear of Failure

Its the end of 2012, we are in the middle of a maelstrom of innovation and I'm still meeting people who haven't moved out of their comfort zone, done something out of the ordinary, skipped a heartbeat, walked an untrodden path or just rebelled the norm. I meet these people everyday. Some of them have the ultimate fear of being labelled as failures and some of these people don't know the process of thinking away from the norm.
At a seminar, teaching people new methods of doing business, the biggest challenge for me was the acceptance that an alternative existed.
Is the fear of failure so prohibitive that the possibility of changing the manner in which a process is done or a new practice adopted overwhelms the need to reconstruct or redefine off beaten paths?
The trend for corporations the world over is to innovate and reinvent themselves to fit in an existing market need or a business requirement. While business models get innovated, so must the way we approach business, pu…