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Search engine optimizing your Facebook post. Part One

In continuation to the online business sessions I conducted in Istanbul and Dubai, here is a series on related subjects that were not covered sufficiently due to paucity of time.

Starting with everyone's favorite promotion engine-  facebook. Why did I call it an important promotion engine obviously stems from the fact that newly instituted algorithms for keyword ( and therefore your business/ profile/ activity) relevance integrate into social now. 2013 has seen the arrival of new definition of Search Engine Optimization that will lead to indeed new methodologies in Search Engine Promotion and Marketing. So if you have traditionally been a business that has looked as Social Media as a waste of time, its time to relook your strategy.

Lets look at the impact your facebook post may have on the relevance of your business to a search.
When facebook introduced Edgerank, the algorithm that defines what content a facebook user may see in their newsfeed,  they looked at  three criteria to e…

Your e-commerce site may attract liability globally

Websites and online business models have to be careful on account of liabilities that they may face in a global business environment. Legal support is required to understand global laws to ensure that there is no loophole that exposes the online business to non-compliance of laws in any country or to violation of any set regulations. Liability on internet may also arise due to linking (inserting a link to another relevant or irrelevant site) in the site content, framing (opening another website inside the html frame of the client site), fraud, libel or defamation, trademark or copyright infringement or invasion of privacy of the users. The liabilities of the client in executing the online business may be divided into statutory, contractual or torturous. Client offering goods and services online must have an online contract to which the customer, doing business with him online, must consent. The contract needs to be carefully drafted to protect the website owner from liability and shou…