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Search engine optimizing your Facebook post. Part One

In continuation to the online business sessions I conducted in Istanbul and Dubai, here is a series on related subjects that were not covered sufficiently due to paucity of time.

Starting with everyone's favorite promotion engine-  facebook. Why did I call it an important promotion engine obviously stems from the fact that newly instituted algorithms for keyword ( and therefore your business/ profile/ activity) relevance integrate into social now. 2013 has seen the arrival of new definition of Search Engine Optimization that will lead to indeed new methodologies in Search Engine Promotion and Marketing. So if you have traditionally been a business that has looked as Social Media as a waste of time, its time to relook your strategy.

Lets look at the impact your facebook post may have on the relevance of your business to a search.
When facebook introduced Edgerank, the algorithm that defines what content a facebook user may see in their newsfeed,  they looked at  three criteria to evaluate the relevance of your post. Any action that a user takes to read your posts or interact with those posts are called " edges" Edgerank is evaluated on three criteria. These are

a. Affinity score. For instance I am friends with you on facebook and we have several mutual friends. Whats more we communicate with each other a lot over facebook. Guess what, the algo thinks we are close and all your updates will pop up in my newsfeed unless I specifically choose not to have them stream. All actions like clicking, liking, commenting, tagging, sharing, and friending have different weight as per the algorithm and reflects the effort you and I take to be in touch with each other. Affinity score is not mutual. If I interact with you more than you; then my affinity score to you to more than your affinity score to me. 

b. Edge weight. Your likes have a  lesser score than your comments and the fact that you commented and shared something has more weight than what you just liked or just commented upon. My comment on a link has more chances of being in your newsfeed than just my like. Photos and videos carry more weightage thank simple links. Also, if you have acquired a fan due to advertising, facebook will relegate it to a lower weight than a fan who searches for you and adds you.

c. Time decay. Time is a great factor for feed relevance. A post gets older and lesser relevant as time passes. When a fan of yours logs into facebook, his newsfeed is populated by posts in order of their edgerank relevance. It also takes in effect the user/ fans facebook logging in habits and how frequently he may check his feed.

Having understood the nuances of this basic algorithm, lets look at what needs to be done make our corporate Facebook pages optimized. In a couple of days.

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