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Your e-commerce site may attract liability globally

Websites and online business models have to be careful on account of liabilities that they may face in a global business environment. Legal support is required to understand global laws to ensure that there is no loophole that exposes the online business to non-compliance of laws in any country or to violation of any set regulations. Liability on internet may also arise due to linking (inserting a link to another relevant or irrelevant site) in the site content, framing (opening another website inside the html frame of the client site), fraud, libel or defamation, trademark or copyright infringement or invasion of privacy of the users. The liabilities of the client in executing the online business may be divided into statutory, contractual or torturous.
Client offering goods and services online must have an online contract to which the customer, doing business with him online, must consent. The contract needs to be carefully drafted to protect the website owner from liability and should address the key terms and conditions for the provisions of goods or services. The contract should clearly establish the exact time and manner of acceptance of the contract. In the event of dispute or breach of contract, the liability of the owner of the website would be limited only to the extent of the terms of the contract. Depending on the type of business, the client’s online business would also have to comply with the provisions of the law, federal or state, in that jurisdiction. Since jurisdictions across the world differ with respect to statutory compliance and permitted activities, the online business would, in addition to the local laws, also be required to comply with the requirements of the statutes of the countries in which the website would be vastly accessed. Failure to conform to foreign regulations may lead to liability under such law. Liability under tort may arise due to wrongful intrusion of the business or illegal defamation or any remark or action that may cause damage to someone’s property or reputation. Though no contractual relationship may be existent or the intrusion or injury is inadvertent, the website owner may be liable for wrongful injury. As per law of torts, the client owes a duty to the user and is bound to take reasonable care to avoid any harm that may be done.

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We have been fighting a religion defined definition of “ when did the life of a fetus begin”. It is a trap. The debate around this whole concept is so ridiculous that when you see pages of theories being written about the exact time “life took a birth”

Why I call this entire argument ridiculous is because technically everything is life. A cell is a life. An ant is a life, a plant is a life. Zygotes are life too. However, if you choose to mourn the zygote the same way you chose to mourn taking the dead cells off the bottom off your feet- is a decision you need to make with yourself.

All of these arguments around “life” distract from the actual issue, which is that no human should be required to share their organs with another human. No human should be required to sacrifice their life for another human. The intention or reason behind abortion is irrelevant in the context of the right to bodily autonomy.
I would argue that the Liberal “pro-choice” people who aggressively insist that abortio…


It's about firing the 2020 base. And the mainstream media is helping Trump

When Trump spewed his most preposterous lie about abortion in a rally about how full-term babies were killed by Doctors; do you think no one in the crowd was grown up enough to know that it was a lie? These are full grown people who make more important and logical decisions in their lives every day- what to buy; what to do, where to spend, how to earn a living. Do you think they do not know that Trump was concocting imagery for the benefit of creating a national debate about disgust towards the concept of “abortion”? Abortion is painful. Emotionally, it never leaves a woman. I aborted in 1998, then miscarried in 2008 and 2011. Each time, I named those cells and fetuses, celebrate their lives and created a story for their absence in mine, those cells, which could not find viability, for one reason or the other. So for someone, and these 25 white men, and several others, who have never been through that life-…

The Clock is Ticking : BACKWARD FOR WOMEN

Sometimes it is just a customary sound; but a movement that takes us backward; instead of steering us forward.

2017 and 2018 have been the most regressive years in the progress of women. 

Since Trump became the President of the United States of America, a new culture of suppression of women rights has unleashed worldwide.  He has slowly degraded Women Rights by attacking fair pay legislation, defunding reproductive rights and changing the definition of violence against women. His attitude towards women is evident from the way he treats women and his objectification of the whole gender. In response, the women rights movement has revived itself, only to become negative and vicious.

No one wins when we have to fight. It is still a pity that we have to wave flags, march, hoist posters and commemorate each other on this day every year. We should not have to. 

The global economy could be enriched by about $160tn (£120tn) if women earned as much as men. 

No Zaghari-Ratcliffe should have to be in …