Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Do we still need Women’s day to feel empowered?

On a day where everyone is bombarding the internet with Happy Women’s Day messages, did anyone take time to question what’s so happy about this day? 

Women are still getting paid 15% to 40% less than men doing the same job. They are still disrespected. They are still called self-centered, egoistical or worse if they push back and they are still treated as objects of desire rather than human beings with aspirations.

Why does the world still need a “Special day” to remember that women exist. We place ourselves mired in old messages and stereotypes and demand equal rights. Demanding hasn't worked for the last thousands of years of civilization of mankind. It is time to act as equals.

Start with denouncing special favors. Including special days. Why do we need a special day to feel equal? How about BEHAVING as equals?

Establishment of equality in behavior would mean redefining all relationships that a woman may have. Whether it is with a family member, her children or with colleagues at work. Is there a reason why women may feel hesitant to demand appropriate respect, money, attention or empowerment?

Of course, it stems from our self-constructed hypothesis. A nice girl is someone who doesn't raise her voice, takes what she is given, learns to take care of the family without asking too many questions, obeys her caretaker of the moment; be it a father, brother, husband or child. A not so nice girl is someone who steps out of the pre-designed ecosystem that has perpetuated the servile status of women and asserts herself to be heard and respected.

Equality is not a privilege. It is the norm. The day we stop marketing ourselves as poor victims that need a day in the calendar to feel good, we will emerge stronger. 

We don’t lack drive, ambition or capability. We lack conviction. As women, we are compelling people. All we need to change is the way we see our own role. Assert yourselves. Take risks. Prepare to negotiate, advocate, stick to your identity and focus on making things happen.