Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Don’t let your social media life bite you back

So you think its cool to lose your cool on social networks. You think its okay to swear and misbehave. You think you are cool if you can use obscenities. Think about the times you said things you shouldn't have. Would you have said those things to a person in their face? Probably not! Social media interactions have created millions of internet warriors who think that there is anonymity behind the keyboard.

Unfortunately its not quite so. You have a digital footprint and don’t let it bite you back later in life. Social media are platforms to use to communicate not threaten, abuse and defame.

What kind of repercussions can your social media life have?

MR was not happy at work. He started to chat about it and post negative, abusive and untrue/ unproven comments about his boss on social networks. He lost his job.

AA posted pictures of his 17th birthday party. His friend JK posted more pictures of AA in various goofy poses. They all think it’s a big joke and obviously fun. Six years later AA was looking for a job and a screening of his social profile made most employers reject him as they felt that he would not be a responsible employee.

Every time you post a picture, comment, information on your social platforms, you are leading millions of profiling agencies profile your likes, dislikes, characterization and store that information. Data privacy laws allow you to determine what these sites can capture about you and what not; however I bet at 17 and 18 years of age; you have not made the attempt on securing your privacy with the platforms.

Goofy pictures, fun posts, trolling, bad language texts may look cool to you right now but don’t let them come back to bite you back in a few years.

Can you get into trouble legally?

Yes, you can. If you are writing social media messages that may be contrived as threatening, abusive or defamatory, you  can fall into serious trouble with law.
If you bully someone online, that is also an offence.
If you are making sexual comments through your mobile or social media to a person or about a person under the age of 18; you run the risk of being a classified sex offender.