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Moving on to Solution Sales

A solutions-focused sales team has to focus more on the customer’s requirements than pushing the vendors’ products. The team needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s business and processes to help them adopt technology or solutions that will drive results. It is pertinent to understand that no sales person will ever have the knowledge and capability to come up with a solution that would meet all the technological challenges in a customer account. Solution selling is about understanding and comprehending enough options, configurations and applications available to be able to have the situational fluency to give the confidence to the customer that your solution may work to suit his purpose with less risk of failure.
I am looking at a scenario, where, in the near future, the customer will start moving away from a vendor/product-based sales cycle to look at creating and buying platform services where one vendor’s product can effectively integrate with another vendor’s offering in creating a solution for the end customer. Products that can effectively create solutions with other products will see a lot of buyers.
The smarter the product portfolios available in the technology channel become, the smarter the sales person needs to be to sell them. What’s more, the smarter the sales person comes through, the smarter the buyer becomes. Moving to solution sales is in essence moving to a tactical marketing and sales process. To be adept at solution sales, the technology channel needs to ensure such a process will differentiate them from their competition.

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