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Changing your mindset about Women

2013 and still a very negligible number of women make it to corporate boards, top management positions or even positions of greater corporate responsibility. 

In its infancy in countries mired with notions that prevent workplace gender equality and in possible teens in the so called developed economies, work place gender equality practices still leave much desired. 

Over the past few years, many networks have emerged to effect policies that lead to specifying a direction that will lead to economies sans of gender based discrimination at all levels. However, how successful these policy statements are across execution is clearly not determined. 

The focus of governments is to establish policies, government funded institutions execute these in parts - however the implementation on ground is not something that either of these institutions can augur with their resources. The implementation of gender equality starts with you and I. 

How many times has the prospect of a resource who is a woman d…

Cloud Strategies for Value Distribution Business

Cloud is an evolving landscape in technology enablement in which distributors face decreasing significance if they do not address their business model. Most distributors looking at methods to augment their strategy are at odds with which strategy would hold the test of return on investment in scenarios of direct route to market, around products they have traditionally distributed. Some distributors are now busy launching cloud deliveries around Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service. Also included are continuity replication, storage and disaster recovery solutions. These can be supported by availability of professional services to the partner base and supplemented by proactive remote monitoring and support, which can be positioned by the reseller to their end customers. An opportunity for resellers to white label the solutions as their offering to the customer base will make this proposition more interesting to the channel. There is a huge prospect to…