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Of Penguins and Pandas- time to change your SEO strategy again

Every time Google releases a new version of their algorithm, the entire world moves fast to change the SEO strategy of their businesses. SERP is indeed of prime importance in your business strategy. Google has ensured that.
Panda updates are typically driven towards content and content marketing. Content marketing is now close to a 50 Billion dollar industry. To drive leads through quality engaging content delivered through email, social and search engines to device platforms, browsers and screens remains the basis on which Panda works. Penguin on the other hand is more tactical. It covers anything that can be categorized as web spam. The latest Penguin update, Penguin 2.0, does not update the algorithm. It actually changes the algorithm and NOT just refresh it. So how does Penguin 2.0 change your business? Google has a mission. And the mission is to make your business an authority in your chosen keyword domain to rank you in relation to others in the same keyword domain. So here …