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Idea Validation and Minimum Viable Product

I'm teaching the 4 series- online business course for the third time this year. Its a different set of audience running their own baseline assumptions of issues and understanding. It is always a learning experience to be in a room full of 40 entrepreneurs at different level ideation and validation. The challenge, however, lies in getting them all to the same baseline of understanding their own idea or process of ideation.

In the last series, the audience wanted me to spend more time on the basic ideation and validation process. As a result, this series now includes almost 2 hours of exercises on how idea may be validated in part 1 and how Minimum Viable Product creation occurs in Part 2 ( which I will teach in a few hours time).

Interestingly, the whole foundation of getting to a product/ service idea in any business( whether online or offline), is a function of a well conceived idea which is a gap or a need for a customer. To recognize this gap or need is a prerequisite to the va…