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What Nelson Mandela Taught Me

He was released from prison just about the time I was beginning to comprehend the meaning of apartheid. It was in awe when I heard of a man who; despite being proclaimed a terrorist inspired and reconciled a nation of disparate interest through his perseverance and dignity.

Nelson Mandela taught me the precious lessons of life that have become my principles in many things that I do. In a childhood empowered with a catholic education and moral science lectures; I realized that sometimes, it may lead a person away from the realities of life.  Leaders are not infallible. They are human like you and I. In real life, there are no Gods. We are all full of inconsistencies and incongruities. The acceptance of that is key to possibilities that there is nothing that is not possible. That has been the premise of my journey as a human being. We are weak and strong, big and small, right and wrong.  In his attempt to do the right thing by himself, Mandela taught me that one person’s right is anoth…