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Yes, It is different for girls

I read Heidi Roizen's blog from last week today. For a very long time after I had finished reading it (, I sat in my car, in a parking lot, already late for a meeting, seething in anger. 

I was shocked as if it had never happened to me, which is untrue. I was infuriated as if no one around me had ever told me stories about harassment as women.  I have no idea why I was so infuriated about hearing this from Heidi. I analyzed my reaction and for some reason when I pictured it happen to Heidi, I was very clear in my head about what my reaction to these situations would have been.
Through the course of my career, I have done what Heidi did. Walked away.In an attempt to not create a spectacle I have been a party to let these issues and episodes seep through the cracks as if these were expected and norm.
Today, years after going through the same harassment myself, I do not want to accept these as a norm. I want to call …