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Women Entrepreneurs 101: Rules of Leadership: Why being a Learner is so important to being a leader?

She wrote me a letter asking, "How can I read it? It’s so hard." I told her to start at the beginning and read as far as you can get until you're lost. Then start again at the beginning and keep working through until you can understand the whole book. And that’s what she did” (Fennyman) There is nothing that cannot be learnt if you persistently attempt it. You cannot get better at something unless you keep trying to make an effort. Constantly learn. Determine the skills sets you require to make your personalities more leadership driven and acquire that expertise to improve our skills. Nothing should be an obstacle to development of your personality and achievement of your ambitions. Be the woman of action. Never let a challenge go by without making an attempt at conquering it. Chart the uncharted. Strive to learn and improve yourself every day and every moment. There is always something to learn. Even from people who may not have the same education or privilege as you d…