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The International Who's That Day

Well. Yes. Who's that? The first question we ask ourselves today is how do we classify them? It's a difficult task. We have figured out eveything else, I mean we know Black from white, essential from luxury, Animals from humans. Dogs from cats, Water from soda. We have even figured out the periodic table for classification from elements. 

We seem to be still confused about what to do with the 50 percent of the population of the world. It must be such a monumentous problem to solve.  So far the options put worth seem to be one of the below 
A. Consumer goods: They can be bought. If you can play the emotional card right you might even get them for free. In some countries of the world, they even come home with goodies. You should be so lucky. 
B. Furniture and Furnishings :  The pre- requisites of this status are very fundamental. They belong to the house. They need to be used as per the services that they are bought to provide. The services may exclude  any freedom of expression. Th…