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5 things that women need to keep in mind when asking for a raise

Yes, its 2015 and women still get paid 77 cents to every dollar that a man gets for doing the same job. Legislation, activism and verbalisms aside; the issue remains. The matter at hand is already established. Yes, women are not paid enough. This post doesn't repeat the issue. It addresses how to get this anomaly sorted. The onus seems to lie with the women. Chances are that you are already deeply embedded in the corporate ladder of sorts. And that you haven't negotiated to start with. Where do you go from here? How do you ensure that you are not only getting a better pay but also deserving of it.
Here is a primer on how to make sure that you are never short changed. #askforequalpay

1. Don't Ask for a Raise if you are not prepared to defend your argument.

Clarity. Start with that. I expect to be paid x because....?  I suggest you should prepare a list of things you should NOT say or bring up.
It is mostly about how you structure your pitch. And research always pays. Its a…