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Mach 5 is enough- Boeing

I was introduced to Boom, a startup in building supersonic aircrafts a few months back and that spurred my own personal research in this space. 

Having spent the last two decades traveling across continents on 18-hour flights; sometimes spending 24 consecutive hours landing at 3 countries and therefore airports;   the sound of supersonic flying means the world to my painful, broken back and perpetually jet-lagged body and mind. 
A Mach 5 aircraft can also be built more affordable than an aircraft that goes Mach 6, 7, or 8 because it would use readily available titanium for its structure instead of materials like composite ceramics to manage the heat produced at higher speeds.
The G-force feeling upon takeoff would last  12 minutes as the plane accelerated to cruising speed but I can only imagine the cruising-altitude experience.  The view of the earth’s curvature at the horizon and the blackness of space above would be such an upgrade to bar-booze-movie-sleep travel. Will this be the end…

When church and state collude

As of Wednesday afternoon, the constitutional right to abortion access in America is living on borrowed time.
Anthony Kennedy’s resignation is a blow to women across America. Just listed amongst the top 10 countries unsafe for women , now we will find ourselves listed on the list of countries with repressive rights for women .
This may be the beginning of the end for Roe.
To understand why the end of abortion rights for women is assured now , it is important to recognize that Roe is already effectively dead letter in many parts of this country. In 1992, the Supreme Court—with Justice Anthony Kennedy’s vote—substantially submerged the impact of  Roe in Planned Parenthood v. Casey by stating that while abortion falls within the “liberty” protected by the Constitution, different states  may enact their own abortion laws whether or not based on health or liberty of women as long as it does not impose ‘ undue burden ‘ upon her.
The republican victory is based on these tactics. Roberts, Ali…