Are you a meaning-making machine ?

What do your biases say about you ?

Only 5% of our biases are conscious.  That says a lot about how much of ourselves we think is really us acting without biases.
Unconscious biases are a myriad of biases that reside in our psyche and get processed by our brains without even our own explicit acknowledgment.

Our behaviors are predominantly determined by these biases. Instant opinions, pre-judgments, evaluations without processing are all devoid of logical thinking and pre-conditioned biases which are deeply ingrained in the processing of thoughts and actions through precedence and experiences.
The human brain interacts with its environment using sensory organs. Using the information collected through sensory organs, the brain analyses information, associates and maps it using memory landscapes. Memory is normally associated with the accumulation of previously collected information. So every new information is passed through the same filters unless we make a conscious attempt to use alternative logic to process the path of conclusion given the information.

We don't see things are they are. We see things as We are.