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The Audacity of a Brown Girl

I was astounded at the audacity of Ocasio- Cortez. Is it that she can dare to walk the hallowed halls that no other person of her background has ever walked? Or the alarm that she is now powerful enough to have a voice ? Wasn’t she the one not allowed to have one? So let us just point out all that we can to belittle her, spin our little stories, question ger validity, shall we? Her clothes, her demeanor? Her attitude? Her everything. It is exhausting. They just don’t believe she deserves to be there. She reminds me so much of how it was for me. Is this not how we get slaughtered every time we dare to have an opinion. We are the women of color. We are the ones who dare not have an opinion. Because for some reason we must not. We are supposed to be inferior. The first time I let myself feel it was when I sat on the couch of the law enforcement offices in Doha, Qatar. I had no idea why I had received a phone call to be there. But for some reason I was the reason for the heated debate ha…