Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Dear Vogue, We are not planning on landing Men

Vogue USA featured a beautiful cover of a sultry, sexy Priyanka Chopra, post her wedding on their cover. Probably a first for a brown actress (?). In any case, Vogue announces that Priyanka has LANDED the man of her dreams. Who uses that expression anymore?
People who are in disbelief.
They question the ability and credibility of a person to be able to have or perform an act or have a privilege. That is when the word " land is used"

 As in " How did the oversized Instagrammer land a hot husband ?" ( check it out - it's a real story). OR 12 golden rules if you want to land dates on Friday night.

So while was urging people to believe run away from a fraud money hungry Indian nonentity, the Indians were busy spreading memes about the age difference of the couple and really demeaning threads of takedowns.

Here is a woman, with all the flaws and perfections she may or may not have, she has the guts to believe in herself, she the balls to do it on her own, to own her culture, to be proud of her Indianness like no one ever has ever and project it on a world stage, yet all we can do is to always pull her down even on a day when we should just be wishing her well.

She is a public figure, a Miss India, a Miss World, a well spoken, well read, well-informed spokesperson for the country, yet it's very convenient for us to just diminish her persona to someone who just "landed " a guy.

Educated Indian women do not need the ratification of anyone to be who they are. They come from generations of education. They do not need to make anyone seem small to appear big themselves.

South Asians come from privilege. No, we may not have the white skin. We do not need it. We have an education. Sometimes, generations of it, We have deep skills, we have strong family and community. We have a sense of culture.  We have industry and above all, we have hard work and perseverance.

Indians in the United States are almost 100% educated. Most of them are employed and have negligible poverty levels as a community. We are growing at a rate of 134% as a community and may not feel the need to LAND a man or to be fraudulent or fake for any reason.  Our social structures are strong. 

Smart and intelligent women are landing on Mars these days.