Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Feminism is not about sticking a woman in our face.

Meet Heather Nauert. She may be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Till a little while ago, she was a fox news anchor at Fox and friends, the show Trump watches intently. 

Since 1996, it seems Nauert has been a contributor and correspondent at Fox. Last year, she was offered a State Department spokesperson role as a Spokesperson.

The position justifying her nomination to the United Nations to fill in this highly academic public policy job has been that the Trump Administration wants to promote women to roles as these ones.

This is not feminism. This is a joke. Enabling women does not mean giving them jobs they are not qualified to do. It encompasses making sure they have the credibility to be able to do the job they are being asked to do. 

Just two months ago, Heather Nauert posted a picture on her Instagram of herself smiling in the Royal court of Saudi Arabia after the journalist Jamal Kashogi was murdered and dismembered.
She has no depth of knowledge about international affairs as she has publicly voiced support for KSA's role in the Yemen war where thousands of children are dying of hunger. She supported the war politically when the Canadian ambassador was expelled by the Saudi Government for demanding the released of an imprisoned human rights activist.

Her candidature does not seem right.

To call this feminism is a farce. Feminism is not about charity. Feminism is not about creating an uncreditworthy hierarchy. The fundamental value that the skills of a person bring to the role needs to be the basis of the choice of the person for this appointment.
If the choice still needs to be a woman, I am sure there are more qualified women in the US State Department with years of solid public policy experience who can fill the shoes to represent our country well.

The choice for this role should not be who Trump trusts and likes but who the right person qualified for the role is.

It's not a man or woman. It's about qualifications.