Are you a meaning-making machine ?


We have been fighting a religion defined definition of “ when did the life of a fetus begin”. It is a trap. The debate around this whole concept is so ridiculous that when you see pages of theories being written about the exact time “life took a birth”

Why I call this entire argument ridiculous is because technically everything is life. A cell is a life. An ant is a life, a plant is a life. Zygotes are life too. However, if you choose to mourn the zygote the same way you chose to mourn taking the dead cells off the bottom off your feet- is a decision you need to make with yourself.

All of these arguments around “life” distract from the actual issue, which is that no human should be required to share their organs with another human. No human should be required to sacrifice their life for another human. The intention or reason behind abortion is irrelevant in the context of the right to bodily autonomy.
I would argue that the Liberal “pro-choice” people who aggressively insist that abortion is okay because a fetus isn’t a life are subtly implying that a woman’s right to bodily autonomy is conditional and dependent on the status of the fetus.
These views on women’s bodies are not fundamentally different than that of conservative pro-lifers.
There are people who die every day when they do not receive a kidney transplant. Yet no government in the world cannot force you to donate your organs or blood to another person.
This right to bodily autonomy even extends past death. If you don’t legally agree to be an organ donor while still alive, they will bury your healthy organs in the ground instead of using them to save another human.
Then why does this concept suddenly change when a woman becomes pregnant? Why must a woman sacrifice her blood and organs for the fetus when post-birth humans are not entitled to even a dead person’s body parts?
When the government regulates abortion, the government is taking legal ownership over the bodies of women and denying them the right to make decisions about their own organs.
Women cannot be fully free and autonomous if childbirth becomes required by law. Everyone is allowed to have their own feelings about abortion, but they are not allowed to sacrifice other peoples bodies because of their feelings.