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Is the US Tech Superiority at Risk ?

As Jeff Bezos said earlier this week, the tech race is not a sporting competition and there is no need to expect a fair fight. 

The fight for supremacy for the US in Space Tech is at risk today due to several other countries being able to innovate better and at a lower cost. 

If big tech in silicon valley decides that working with the US Government is slow, tedious and not efficient; there is a huge chance of the United States falling behind the world in innovation in Space and other critical technology areas where our country has led the world so far.

China had earlier announced the Chinese Space Race Manhattan Project which is based on Artificial Intelligence has is supposed to be already delivering results. 

Where Chinese organizations are scaling their AI initiatives; the US companies are at a pilot stage. Artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and quantum computing dominate the Govt mandates in India and China as the strategy for these countries to scale get laid out. 

If the United States continues to stay away from a world leadership space in these areas, it is certain that it will lose its grounds to be a world leader for technology innovation and growth for decades to come.