How to Become an Effective Communicator -Practice Makes Perfect - Part 5

Reflecting is a process that restates and rephrases the words and feelings of the speaker in the conversation.

Reflection can be done in two main manners

1. Mirroring
Mirroring involves repeating almost exactly what the speaker has said.
Mirroring is short and simple, and it's usually enough to just
repeat the last few words or keywords that were spoken.

This demonstrates to the speaker that the listener is doing
their best to understand their perspective and encourages
them to continue.

2. Paraphrasing
Paraphrases can be one or two brief sentences or even just a few words. Paraphrasing is not about repeating back what the speaker has shared.

Rather it's about capturing the essence of what they've said
through rephrasing.

This demonstrates that they're not just listening istening to what the speaker is saying but also trying their best to understand.

Paraphrases should be non-judgemental and not based on
any assumptions or prejudices.

Effective communication uses Clarification to ensure that the correct message has been received. This involves the use of open questions which allows the speaker to expand on the necessary points.

This might involve the listener asking the speaker to repeat
something or provide examples if they're unsure of what
was meant. The listener could even summarise the message to the speaker to check that their understanding is correct.

Clarification is identifying any areas of misunderstanding and resolving them.

Clarifications also help to reassure the person speaking
that the listener is attempting to understand what they're
saying and is genuinely interested in them.

Another way that the listener can clarify what the speaker
means is to use a summary which reviews part of or even
the entire conversation. A good summary will confirm that
the listener and speaker understand each other. A
summary is most effective if it's given from the speaker’s
perspective, not an interpretation from the listener’s point
of view.
It's important that the listener is as concise and straightforward as possible when giving a summary.