Are you a meaning-making machine ?

Our life is affected by several sequences of events to which we attach meanings.
It is our version of these events that determine for us how we define ourselves, who we are, what we do, and our capabilities.
Have you ever heard the phrase, 'we are meaning-making machines'? We are. We run a movie in our heads about what a thing, action, or a person means to us, based on what that vision triggers us.

We are always on the watch for confirmation that substantiates and reinforces these interpretations running in our heads.

It is never the events or people themselves that affect our lives, but rather our versions of these events that we allow to impact our understanding of them. For instance, it's what you decided intimidation by friends at school meant to you that changed your life. Or what you chose your parents being possessive said about whom you are that molded your life. As we grow old, we persistently look for an indication that supports these interpretations and continue to validate the beliefs we have.

So it's our versions of life events that shape our reality. Not reality itself.

To operate from a place of awareness, it requires that we start making the distinction between the incident or event and our version or interpretation of that event or incident. Our version of the story we tell ourselves is what causes us to react or respond to that event. These reactions or responses influence our choices and behavior and may have a significant impact on our future.

Once we begin recognizing the degree of choices we have over our interpretations of events and facts, we realize the power and the influence that we have over our futures.

That power is ours

It is our choice to interpret a specific circumstance in a particular manner. Not anyone else's, however intricately their involvement with that event may be.

However, we may choose to interpret a situation is our choice and is also the essence of responsibility.
Progress towards the goals of our lives can happen if we are aware of how we have historically interpreted the events of our past, the beliefs we formed as a result of our experiences from the past, and how we can modify our assumptions to overcome the ideas created without a plausible reason.