What are your Customers looking for the Most ?

More Control.

While all of us are battling to keep up in this age of technological super-acceleration, super-charged by the pandemic where we realize every day that we must not trust linkages in our emails, promoting assurances, or phone requests from individuals or organizations we do not know. Customers want to wipe out the mediators.

Consumers want to take more control, not only of the technology that they use but also have a voice in the products, service, and ecosystem they use by using forums and reviews.

The ecosystem has now shifted from being  a business-to-consumer (B2C) to a consumer-to-business (C2B) environment.

This is quickly replacing the traditional model of innovation where the product idea moved from the company to the consumer. 

In the new era of innovation, even more, accelerated by the pandemic, is the C2B approach. By closely following customer trends via e-commerce platforms, social media, and current events, companies can design new products that better reflect customers’ needs

These products are then quickly produced and distributed through the most appropriate channels. Successful products are scaled up and those that do not find customer appreciation are quickly withdrawn from production. The entire process, from idea to launch, takes weeks rather than months. 

The new testing environment is the live audience environment.