Assumptions are the prized belongings of fools.

 Notes to Ourselves: Our Thoughts and Assumptions may just as well be that.

We often have assumptions that we tend to believe are the whole truth. They are not.

Assumptions are the termites of relationships and possibly one of the most exhausting (and unenjoyable) things we can interact with in life. It’s hard to admire those who are quick to assume.

Responding to the assumptions people make is like climbing a mountain with an avalanche coming down directly in front of us - except assumptions don’t carry power, just ignorance.

Some people are quick to assume and slow to understand, making automatic assumptions first, then ask for clarity or more information second.

Sensible people explore ideas and situations from multiple angles until they find the one that is most useful - if we don’t like the view we get from one perspective, we can change our view by changing our perspective.

The way to stop yourself from making unnecessary assumptions and becoming obsolete in the eyes of others is to ask questions and not assume you already have all the answers.

It is only self-awareness that lets us distinguish between our naive assumptions and sensible revelations of truth.

Work hard to challenge your assumptions. Your assumptions will either draw people towards you, or they will repel them away from you in disgust. You get to have the final say in the matter.

There is no other way to do this. We need to start making sure that we do not rely on assumptions.